10) Exercising too hard Too high of heart rate = catabolizing of lean tissue masses. 9) Not exercising hard enough If your work out is not challenging enough, you may lack the results. 8) Cardio before weights You're using your anaerobic energy for cardio so your weight training suffers. 7) Bad posture If your posture is bad this means that your form is bad, which may lead to injury. 6) Letting gravity do the work There are two parts of weight lifting: the positive and the negative. Both are equally important. 5) Going too heavy If you are unable to use proper biomechanics, your probably using too heavy of weights. 4) Too tight Stretching helps to reduce injuries, but you have to know how (and when) to stretch. If done properly, you can increase muscle length and mobility. 3) No warm-up Not warming up is a perfect way to injure yourself. you must warm up to make muscles more elastic so you dont make major tears. 2) No water Hydration is key. 1) Diet You have to feed your body right in order to get all the nutrients it needs. Post workout meals are especially vital for growth. Don't make these mistakes. Hire Excel!
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