Karen I walked into Excel in September of 2011. I had lost 40 pounds and thought I was at the end of my weight loss journey. I was concerned about keeping the weight off because I had lost at least that much several times before, only to gain it back.  I worked with James to set goals and create workouts that would help me become stronger, more fit and a better tennis player. Since then, I've lost almost TWENTY more pounds and have whittled down to a size smaller than I've worn since I was a pre-teen. I can run, I can lift, I can do pushups and after beating women half my age, I've moved up in tennis ratings. What I like best about my training sessions at Excel is that they’re never boring - every workout is different. James’ enthusiasm and down-to-earth yet upbeat attitude makes me look forward to my workouts. (Never thought I’d say that!) I've told everyone that I know that personal training at Excel is the best investment I've ever made.
Results! We Change Lives One Pound at a Time!!
Jennifer, Milwaukee I have been training with James at Excel for six months. In this time, I have lost over 12% of my body fat. That is 32 pounds of fat gone; more than the weight of my 18-month-old. I am stronger, more agile, and much more fit!
Linda, Wauwatosa I had been driving by Excel Training for over 3 years when I finally decided to call and make an appointment - which I almost didn’t keep. I was at a point where I weighed more than I ever had and felt worse than I could remember. But I decided I needed to make some changes before I got any older. I was facing a new decade next year and I couldn’t bear to look or feel so awful! So I made my goal to get healthy in a smart way - no crash dient, no rushing into an exercise program only to fade out in 2 or 3 months. I also knew I couldn’t do it by myself. Excel Training was exactly what I needed to accomplish my goal. I have now lost 50 pounds, but the most important outcome is that I feel so great! And I did it without feeling deprived. Frank helped me stay on track by challenging me and being my main cheerleader. He knows my limits better than I do, so there is never a question of trying to do too much - or of letting me get away with too little! Exercise is no longer a bad word in my life. I look forward to working out and to finding new ways to stay fit. I am also looking forward to seeing my college friends as we celebrate moving into out 60’s!!
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