1Q. How's Excel different from national gym chains? A.  At Excel we see our clients and people not member number.  The most important thing to us is that people are 100% satisfied.  We want our client to feel like Excel is their own personal private gym.  We have a limited number of clients ever working out at one time to eliminate the distractions and uneasiness that can happen at larger gyms and allow you to focus completely on your trainer and your workout.  We also devote our time entirely to the client that is in front of us.  We are at your side through out your workout privatizing things to what will best help you achieve your goals.  We put the personal in personal training. Q. What hours can I come in to workout? A. With how busy everyone is we strive to be available when is most convenient for you.  We are open from 5am-8pm. Q. What advise do you have for a customer looking to hire a personal trainer? A. All trainers are not created and educated equally. You want to make sure they have the right qualifications and also, are compatible for you. They should not be a drill instructor or cheerleader. They should be able to motivate and educate. Q. Are there any inside secrets you can tell me? A. Personal training is an unregulated profession. Anyone can call themselves a personal trainer. Buyer beware. Look for trainers with 4 year degrees and also are nationally certified. Experience is another must!! Q. I'm a bit older can Excel work for me? A. Yes Q. I have back or joint pain can Excel work for me? A.Yes Q. I've never worked out before can Excel work for me? A.Yes Q. I'm really out of shape can Excel work for me? A. Yes Q. I'm really busy can Excel work for me?  A. Yes There are a lot of reasons people come up with for not starting a new workout routine and for a lot people that's the exact reason why they should start working out.  Whatever reasons you have for not working out we can work not around them but with them.  We will also teach you how to work around your busy schedule, your age, your past issues and anything else that comes up.
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